Welcome to TIR Ltd

TIR specialises in offering a one-stop service to any individual or organisation considering or currently operating a Public Railway.

Our Mission:

To assist our clients to be able to operate Safe, Successful and Profitable Railways of any type.

Our guiding principles are:

To ensure safe and legally compliant Operation;
To maximise return through efficiency of equipment and Management Systems;
To assist our clients to offer the most appropriate and attractive products and services to their customers.

We believe that these principles apply equally to Heritage Rail, Commercial Attractions and Public service Operations alike.

To deliver these goals we are able to bring together a wide range of internal and external resources to undertake activities ranging from preparing or evaluating preliminary proposals through Ongoing Management of existing Railways through to the construction and management of a whole new railway.

TIR has close links with Individuals and organisations offering Tourism Planning, Marketing, Land Management Property Management and other relevant services.

TIR is also interested in working with partners in the public and private sectors to develop minor railway schemes to deliver wide-ranging social, environmental and economic benefits.

Leader Wrexham CYMRU

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